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Heat Moisture Exchange filter

Z1 Heat Moisture Exchange Filter


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Product Features

The Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines from Human Design Medical is a portable device designed to provide moisture during CPAP therapy. The unit fastens to a simple mask elbow in order to take in heat and moisture from the user’s exhaled breath. Then the moisture is returned into the air stream for inhalation to help prevent dryness.

The universal, travel-sized humidification device can be used with any CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP machine. Additionally, the HME is a replacement part for the Z1 Travel CPAP machines. Both the HME device and the Z1 Series machines are manufactured by Human Design Medical, making the pairing a perfect fit.

There are two different size openings on the heat moisture exchange unit. The wider opening is designed to connect to the mask, while the thinner opening connects to the long hose attached to the machine.

Manufacturer testing has shown the heat moisture exchange unit can be used for up to seven nights before being replaced.

This is the HME only and does not include any other machine parts.

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